RiG 2019-2020/5 February 2020: The Present Day

Reflecting in Gratitude 2019-2020/5

What impact does Lutheran Summer Music have on you today?

What is so important to you that you would voluntarily drive hundreds of miles (uphill… both ways) in a snowstorm? Ask me this on any ordinary day and I will respond with a resounding NOTHING!

As this new year dawned, one of our fellow LSM alumni lost his wife to illness. In her mid-40’s, a mother, a talented musician, adored by her family and friends, it feels unreal and definitely out of the ordinary that she left this life.

A collective of LSM alumni made our way through blustery winter weather last month to celebrate the life of this beautiful woman, to embrace her husband and children, and to lift our voices and instruments collectively in song at a time when words alone cannot sufficiently express the strength and weakness of the human condition.

On an “ordinary” day it is easy to pretend we are self-sufficient. Faith, expression through music and community are a routine we practice more out of a sense of duty rather than as a matter of life and death.

Those of us who set up a dutiful practice of Faith, Music, and Community, however, are better equipped when days come that are out of the ordinary.

On such days, snow and miles of driving become merely puzzles to be solved on the way as we go about the business of living out our values; faith, music and community become essential. Nothing can bring back what is lost and yet, we are handed the joy of bearing burdens together.

LSM impacts my life because through my experiences there, the importance of faith, community and the healing and celebratory power of music took hold.

February 2020

This is number 5 in the 2019-2020 Reflecting in Gratitude Campaign

“We, the LSM alumni remain connected through faith and music. We lived the experience that grew from the mission and vision of our revered founding fathers and mothers. The founders are now passing the torch to us, trusting us to preserve that which most transformed our lives, fold it into the challenges and advantages of our present day, and enable the enrichment of further generations of the LSM community.”

– Jeanine Krause, LSM ‘89-’91

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