2021 Yearly State of Musicianship for Oboists Achieving Intense Musical Expression

Welcome, oboist, to your 2021 yearly assessment hosted by Studio Jeanine Krause. Follow this link to start your own accountability worksheet.


Please set aside 15-30 minutes to answer these questions in as much detail as possible. This form is particularly useful for professionals and advanced players (please leave yourself plenty of time to be detailed). My students and I make use of this tool to foster life-long intense musical expression. By filling out this form, you are giving me permission to contact you via email in mid-Summer 2021. At this point you will have the opportunity to review what you wrote, celebrate your wins and effectively choose which areas and skills you’d like to address next.

Your answers are kept in confidence, locked away in my archive. If you choose to engage me in as a teacher, coach or reed maker, I may review your responses in order to provide you with best quality instruction, tailored to your individual needs and goals. Otherwise this form is mainly an opportunity for you to reflect, plan and hold yourself accountable. Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.

You will find my 2021 personal assessment published below. I encourage you to fill out your own assessment first before reading mine.

Here is the link once more.

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Who is the Lucky One?

Hans Hermann Ziel playing oboe  


Hans Hermann Ziel : As luck would have it

I called Hans Hermann Ziel at his home in Brazil in the Fall of 2019 with the happy purpose of informing him that he was the lucky winner of the raffle he entered by filling out a survey I had conducted to collect information about the needs of double reed players with regard to their reed making journeys.

Little did I know that I was the lucky one! More than ever these days of social distancing, I appreciate the opportunity to meet someone who has a lifetime of experience, of joys, of overcoming adversity and with whom I also share so many values.

A profile of the richness of a randomly selected individual

When I pulled Hans Hermann’s name out of the virtual hat, I first thought nothing of it. After all, he was one of almost 600 participants in the survey about reed making for double reeds. However, when I returned to read his responses to the survey more carefully, I hesitated for a moment. Read more

Fine Adjustments

A recurring theme these days seems to be “attack”. Strangely, this topic is appearing both within our oboe reed making community and in world events.

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RiG 2019-2020/7 April 2020: We Get To Decide!

LSM Alumni
Reflecting in Gratitude Vol. 7
April 2020


Corona threatens to silence us.
What’s next? Does it make sense to keep on going?
I am an oboist. Like me, most of you are not standalone players. You need your ensemble, your band, your orchestra, your choir.
I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know this:

You get to decide!

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RiG 2019-2020/5 February 2020: The Present Day

Reflecting in Gratitude 2019-2020/5

What impact does Lutheran Summer Music have on you today?

What is so important to you that you would voluntarily drive hundreds of miles (uphill… both ways) in a snowstorm? Ask me this on any ordinary day and I will respond with a resounding NOTHING!

As this new year dawned, one of our fellow LSM alumni lost his wife to illness. In her mid-40’s, a mother, a talented musician, adored by her family and friends, it feels unreal and definitely out of the ordinary that she left this life.

A collective of LSM alumni made our way through blustery winter weather last month to celebrate the life of this beautiful woman, to embrace her husband and children, and to lift our voices and instruments collectively in song at a time when words alone cannot sufficiently express the strength and weakness of the human condition.

On an “ordinary” day it is easy to pretend we are self-sufficient. Faith, expression through music and community are a routine we practice more out of a sense of duty rather than as a matter of life and death.

Those of us who set up a dutiful practice of Faith, Music, and Community, however, are better equipped when days come that are out of the ordinary.

On such days, snow and miles of driving become merely puzzles to be solved on the way as we go about the business of living out our values; faith, music and community become essential. Nothing can bring back what is lost and yet, we are handed the joy of bearing burdens together.

LSM impacts my life because through my experiences there, the importance of faith, community and the healing and celebratory power of music took hold.

February 2020

This is number 5 in the 2019-2020 Reflecting in Gratitude Campaign

“We, the LSM alumni remain connected through faith and music. We lived the experience that grew from the mission and vision of our revered founding fathers and mothers. The founders are now passing the torch to us, trusting us to preserve that which most transformed our lives, fold it into the challenges and advantages of our present day, and enable the enrichment of further generations of the LSM community.”

– Jeanine Krause, LSM ‘89-’91

LSM is embarking on a gratitude campaign. Alumni receive a monthly email containing a reflection from Jeanine Krause, alumni-related announcements, and a link inviting you to share your personal LSM stories and what you are most grateful for.

Reed Hibernation

I maintain the faith that every experience brings some sort of blessing. In this moment, my cheeks are hot and my ears have closed somehow with that narrow noisiness. It is my old fear of incompetence but I don’t recognize it yet. The blessing in this situation is yet hidden, completely illusive for me. I cross my fingers, figuratively speaking, as I open my reed case. It is a very old and stylish, leather bound converted cigarette case, one of those really thin ones, the kind you can’t find anywhere anymore.

Please! I pray silently, let there be a playable oboe d’amore reed in here!

After all these years, if there is a Reed God, she is accustomed to my petitions.

The concert is in one week and the envelope with my music lies ignored and unopened under piles of other music on my stand where I put it two or more weeks ago. A wave of discomfort washes over me as I thumb through the contents of the envelope. Read more

Guinness Book of World Records

With a backdrop of breathtaking Andalusian flair, complete with Flamenco, Spanish hospitality and warm summer nights, the 2018 IDRS Convention took place in the shadow of the dramatic Alhambra palace in Granada Spain. Read more