Honor Someone Special by Sponsoring a Dragon’s “Chair”

Celebration of the Lively Spirit of Baroque Winds in the World of Today

The great wealth of scholarship and craftmanship and musicianship that allow the Dragons to celebrate the lively spirit of Baroque winds in the world of today comes from the contributions of those modern pioneers who as early as the 1960’s took on the bold task of digging up and experimenting with dusty manuscripts and misshapen instruments.
Perhaps the most admirable of contributors are those who dared to learn how to PLAY these historical instruments. They stepped out on stage to be received by the critical ears of a world that had experienced many shifts in priority and taste and one that had lost the sensibility to appreciate the layered eloquence of early music.
The Dragons owe a huge debt of gratitude to these honored artists and craftsman, oboists, bassoonists, scholars, instrument builders and reed makers, living and passed, who have made it possible for this invaluable art to take its respected place in the world of today.

Sponsor a Dragon’s “chair” by honoring an artist, craftsperson or scholar.

Contact Jeanine Krause at jk@symphonie-des-dragons.comto set up a memorial for the artist of your choice. Your sponsorship will fund the “chair” of one of our Dragons.